© E. Heijn 2012  Life is like riding a bicycle;to keep youre balance you have to keep moving Albert Einstein

Heijn’s Bicycle Site


A new site! Ex-siting

Much  to do about nothing .

After eight years of duty a big overhaul

On this  not so new site I will offer you the stories of our cycling trips and a will show you our recumbent bikes till now

Building a site

It took time to build a brand new site!

The last site was alive since 2004 and had just grown two light years out of my computer.

So in 2012 it was time for a big overhaul!

SInds then every year I add a new trip

It’s up to date

Enjoy reading; forgive my Denglish.....

Cycling and trips

In 1999 we went for our first bicycle trip in Holland