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Next morning it really had cooled down although the sun was in the sky, so the biking went nice. The route used a very good biking trail along the channel Brugge-Gent.

On route we had our lunch with bread and milk we luckily had buyed in Brugge (all shops closed due to a holyday).

Along the channel we bought some bread and goodies for on the road.

Right trough the centre of Gent went the route, sometimes we got lost. In Belgium's city's the signs easily get lost.

On the other site of the site we picked a trail along the left side of the Schelde river. Due to ebb there was no water.

Along the Schelde we arrived at Berlare. In the mean time the water was returned and with the water de barges.

In Berlare we stayed at such a dirty campsite. We were glad to leave the next day.