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Next day we followed the left bank of the Schelde till Temse. There we crossed the Schelde to the right bank via a n old bridge. The Schelde was growing in the mean time.

We used a small ferry to cross a side river. Somewhere along the route my gears broke down so I had just one left: very heavy!

After that it was time to get some lunch.

We arrived in Antwerpen and there every sign of the LF-2 was missing. We really got lost and a bit by feeling we left Antwerpen gladly behind. Never again Antwerpen by bike!

After a wile we had a lot of kilometres in our legs, but we were set on Rilland, so we crossed the Dutch border again with a very joyful feeling!

When we were half a hour away from the campsite in Rilland Liesbeth phoned to hear how we were. She decided to come to Rilland with some cold beer an help us with the tent and making the food.

We were really glad with the offer, while we were really tired after 110 kilometres!

Thank you Liesbeth