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Day 4

After a quick start from Wigmand we came to the board of the river the IJssel. It was still a bit hazy, so we hoped that it stayed cool that day...

At Bronkhorst the LF 4 became LF 3. Bronkhorst is the smallest town of the Netherlands. We crossed it as quick as possible. It was so full of commerce.

Along the IJssel river there was a lot to see....

After a while the sun started burning the haze away and it really got hot. The lunch we passed in the shadows of some trees. While we were there more peoples enjoyed the shadow.

Near Millingen the LF 3 Hanze route turned in LF 3 Maas route. We followed the route trough the Ooij polder to Beek

From Beek we had to struggle up hill to Berg en Dal.

There we found rest at a nice campsite. We ate pancakes, we didn't cook