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Day  5

We were up early, but we had to wait till we could settle the bill. After that we followed the LF 3 in the direction of Venlo. There we could pick up the LF 13 home. We hoped to see a lot of shadow in the woods...

The first part went trough a hilly part of the country; very beautiful an so un-Dutch..

This day it really goy hot again. but we made a kind of siesta on a terras. Cold beer without any alcohol and French fries with a lot of salt made the day..

We followed the river Maas in the direction of Venlo and due to the heat it was quite a struggle.

Again it was a warm and sticky ride. We made the stop for the night at Lottum. The campsite was right next to a gain ferry. It made a lot of noise. It stopped at 11 o'clock and stated at 7.

After we made camp we liked to swim in the Maas. Dirk went for a swimming, but I couldn't find my pants. Next morning with clearing out the tent I found it. @%$#@