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Day 7

We left Stiphout after a good night sleep and a better breakfast. Near Gerwen we picked up the LF-13 again. We followed it along the Wilhelmina cannel.

Near Oirschot we got our second flat tyre in 680 km! This time it was Dirk's turn

At Oirschot we did some shopping for our lunch

After the lunch we arrived in Hilvarenbeek with the old tree. Now we were on a known part of the route.

On the estate of Gorp and Rovert there is a nice castle

We came along the same border pole were we made a photo 4 year earlier

A bit stupid to take one wrong turn and drive 5 km in the burning sun and again 5 km back to start in the right direction....

At last we ended up on a campsite near Ulvenhout