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Saterday 21-08-2004

After a good night of sleep and a quick shower we had breakfast  at 8.30. Again the whole mashuga! And a pot of coffee.

After packing the bikes we went to a place where we accessed the NR7. It was supposed to follow an old railway track. It turned out to be ment for mountainbikes. Although the first part.

Later on it flattened out and we had a nice trip to Callander through the Pass of Leny, along the falls of Leny. Quite a nice part..

In Callander we had to follow the A84. There weren't any secondary roads to Stirling. There was a bit more traffic.

Along the road we had lunch and we finished the pizza slices from Perth.

From Callander trough Duane the road went down hill so we had a fast trip.

In Stirling we were a spectacle and lot of commentary went over our head.

After a search we found the Youth Hostel in Stirling. After making the beds and a short rest we walked to the castle and had a look around in the castle.

That night we dinned in a Burger King.

We turned in early because we had to leave early.