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This year we wanted to make the circle of Flanders. We had limited time so we had to do quite some kilometres a day. The first day we wanted to start around 8. We really left around 8.30. In the beginning we went quite fast and 2 hours later we were about 40 kilometres away from home. At a parking place of swimming pool "Den Inkel" near Kruiningen we had our first stop. After a bite and a drink we went on. It was a bit harder now to get back in the old tempo. Soon we were near Rilland. There we wanted to take a short cut. It turned out to be a bumpy road. In one of the potholes Dirk teared his tyre and almost mangled the rim of his front wheel. Even the front brake wasn't working right. After A hasty repair we went on. Not so nice to get in hilly country without proper brakes. We decided it was better to turn home by train and repair the damage first. So we went to the train station of Rilland-Bath and picked the train to Middelburg. It was almost impossible to get the heavy bikes in the train, but we managed. In Middelburg was my first stop the M5 to get new tyres and the rim straight. The brakes were repaired in the mall.

We had to think the trip over and change the course a bit......