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With less time left we had to change the route of our trip. It must be: LF05b, LF30, LF06b and LF01b

This day we started right on time; we had to catch the ferry at Vlissingen to Breskens...We managed the ferry of 8.20.

When we had crossed the Schelde there was a strong wind against us. We had a hard job to get somewhere. After 2 hours we made it to Sluis. There we had our first break. From Sluis we followed the Damstervaart to Damme. There we wanted to pick up the LF01a to Brugge. You just have to miss 1 sign to get lost. At last we made it to Brugge, the Cross gate where we could pick up the LF05. Just outside we crossed a special bridge: 'Steenbruggebrug Brugge' Four years before we also saw the bridge and had a good laugh about it.

Along the canal Gent Brugge we had the wind in our back, so it went quite fast. Around 1 o'clock we had lunch on the same spot as 4 years before.

After a good trip we arrived on the campsite in Gent. We put up our tent and had a talk with a guy from New Zealand. He came from Antwerpen against the wind. He found our bikes really nice....