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This morning we were quick again: around 9.30 we were biking! Fast down hill, away from Panorama, or was it Pandora? The morning started grey with sometimes a very light drizzle.

In every city in Belgium it is a feast of finding the route! Always somewhere the signs are missing.... So again in Kortrijk. Looking for the route we got hungry so when we found the Leie we stopped at a 'frietkot' and ordered French fries. After the snack we went on.

The Leie brought us to the French border. The landscape wasn't inspiring much. From Wervik the route started going to Ieper. We entered the killing fields of WW1.

Right in the middle of nowhere my chain broke. The chain of a recumbent bike is trice a normal chain. Luckily we found a repairshop in the next village. The going was easy: walking uphill, getting on the bike, rolling down as fast as you dare, rolling up hill as far as you can go and walking again. When I entered the village I was going about 40 km/h! Nice!

The chain was mended again and on we can again, up to Ieper. The hills in the landscape had numbers, still sticking to them from WW1

In Ieper they did it again, the route was lost, signs away...

In this part every kilometre you find a warcemetry from WW1.

Our goal was getting at Kemmel and staying on a campsite there. First we had to do some shopping and find a cashmachine. The place was so backwards that you only could use the local cashmachine if you where a bank member.

Luckily the campsite excepts VISA-cards (not that backward)

The proprietor placed us along a special British Kitcat: a Pembleton I knew from a magazine Wich Kitcar. I was very happy and excited. When the Brits saw our bikes the started to get happy too! It was a nice exchange of information...