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The day started wet and grey again. In a short dry moment we packed the tent and in drizzle and rain we started the trip again in the direction of Poperinge. From Poperinge we followed the route again to Diksmuide. Nice country with, sometimes, strange things, but hey, we are in Belgium!

W entered Diksmuide along the river the IJzer. We passed the IJzer monument for WW1.

After Diksmuide we passed the 'death corridor' a monumental piece of the WW1 trench. Dirk and stopped for a while to have a look around.

After some more WW1 battlefield we decided to take a shortcut to Nieuwpoort along an dismantled railway track. Near Nieuwpoort in Sint Joris we got a small place on a campsite overflowing with Belgians: the summer holidays had started!

First I had to mend Dirk's front tyre again. The bike had fallen down and the valve was broken out.

After that we put up the tent. It was soaking wet, but in the sun it was dry in 15 minutes. There was a lot of noise on this site, but hey what the heck, we'll be home tomorrow...