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We had a rotten night due to the noisy neighbours the were drunk, stoned and irritating!

We were up early with no respect for them what so ever. Every where else we would have tried to be silent. Here we were the opposite

We were on bike early again: 8.20. We followed the Belgian LF1, part of the North Sea Route.

The day started dry, but later on it started raining. But still we went strong and fast. In Sluis we left the LF1 and via Groede and Boerenhol we returned to Breskens

There we could take the ferry to Vlissingen. On the ferry was a Belgian couple. He was on a canary yellow Challenge Twister (like mine). Soon we were talking. On the others side I helped them to get to a campsite, while Dirk straight went home. It meant that Dirk's arrived at 4 o'clock and I 10 minutes later. Both a bit tired. Quite understandable 101 km in 5 hours....