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Because we had a long trip to make this day we wanted to start early to catch the 6.15 ferry from Vlissingen to Breskens. We only just succeeded. When we left home there were a few s rain drops, but when we were using the LF1 from Breskens to Cadzand it really started pouring. The wind was strong and slightly against us.


Around 9 we were in Retranchement. A local bakery was open already and we bought something warm and nice to eat.

The rain was pouring down so hard, it even went trough my raincoat.

Luckily it stopped raining around Knokke. The only nagging thing was the strong wind. Sometimes the route was along the beach. Due to the wind we were sandblasted. We gathered sand in every pore of our body. We choose to take a route more to the landside; less wind and sand!

When we crossed the French border we decided to use the first hotel on the route. It came out to be in Dunkirk, right in the centre. Dirk was dog tired. I used the shower to get rid of the sand and went for some shopping to buy after-sun. We really needed it after this day.

Later in the evening we went for some food..

We turned in early, dog tired: we did somewhere between 140 and 150 km that day!