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This morning we had a luxury continental breakfast at the hotel. After packing we first shot some pictures of Dunkirk. After that we started looking for the ferry harbour.

In France the thinking about mobility is directed to the car. So we got lost and in my best school French I had to ask for directions. Dirk thought my French sounded better than my English; he loses points again.

Finely after some interesting landscape we found the ferry harbour. We booked our trip and got on board after a bit of waiting. Around 12 the boat left for Dover. It was a new boat and less crowdie than the P&O boats from Calais to Dover...

The boat trip is a bit longer than from Calais to Dover so after 1,5 hour we arrived in Dover.

In Dover harbour we had to follow a red line to the entrance. It was really panted for a mountain bike without luggage; not for a fully packed recumbent bike!

With a bit of struggle we could start the first part of the English adventure: struggling up hill to st Margaret's  at Cliffe.

After we arrived at the top, we had almost all the way to Canterbury a down hill road.













Around 70 kilometres we did that day till we arrived at the camp site we both know. The fourth grade of our school always stays on the site with its school camp. I've been there as a teacher; Dirk as a student.

We had our first British food of the trip: fish and chips.

After 'dinner' it was some reading and a early night..