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The day started with the third-day-down. It also started raining so we had to pack our cotton tent quit wet. Even that is not I nice thought: you never know if the tent will be dry with the next shower....

It was a crime getting through Canterbury in the rain. eventually we found the route and started out on the 'Crab and Winkletree' route. A dissabanded railway track. A hefty route down hill on a very narrow path with potholes and gravel. I made a close encounter with a thorn bush growing along the path and was surprised that my hand went red..

The route went to Whitstable. There we lost the route again! There should be a alternative route along the coast. To get beck on the main route we had to get over a see wall and use a steep stair to get over a railway. There was one light point: it was getting dry

It was quit impossible with al our luggage, so we plodded on along the path. Further on the path was blocked due to work. A strong man helped us to get down on the beach.

There should be a road up a bit farther along the coast. It really was, but so steep you could almost not get on the top.

We now where on the route again... By this time we were hungry so we bought some food and milk and had a pick nick right on the curve.

The route was easy going to Faversham. There was a smell of malt and brewing: the oldest brewery of Britain Sheperds Neame. Due to the smell of beer we got lost again and with a bit of struggle we finally were on the route again till we arrived in Sittingbourne. We thought we really followed the rote. It directed us to the city dump! We were tired and had enough of the NCR 1. A nice lady helped us out to get on the A2 to Gillingham.

Now it was a quick going and with no trouble we arrived in the Youth Hostel in Gillingham.

There we checked in, had a shower and a meal and were pleased with ourselves. Dirk contacted a friend in Rainham to meet the next day.