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This morning the cook was late, so we hadn't breakfast at 8. Even so we were on the bikes around 9. By our mini road atlas we came to Colchester by minor roads and minor village.

In Colchester we visited 5* restaurant: Mac Donalds, and had a splendid lunch ;-)

After a bit of looking we left town on a A road.

The biking path was on the sideway with sharp curbs.

On one of them Dirk punctured his front tyre totally: inner and outer were gone! So there you are right in the middle of nowhere with a broken bike. A long way from Harwich; to far to walk. On a Sunday afternoon.

The only thing I could think of was to ring a door bell and ask for help... So first house near by didn't answer the bell. The second wasn't really responding I almost gave up. But there he was our help in distress. He could help us. With the front wheel and the tyres we went by car to Colchester to the Halfords. Even on Sunday that shop was open. They could not help me in the first place while they had not the right wheel size. So I bought a new 20 inch wheel with al the things needed.

Graham brought me back and helped me with getting on the road again. The right wheel on the wrong place: the back of Dirk's bike. I had to dismantle the front brake because the wheel was smaller. I told Dirk to watch out for signs/sounds of scraping brake blocks.

Eventually we could go on again to Harwich....

Soon we were only 10 kilometres from our goal and there was that horrible sound again: pfffffffffffff. Again Dirk's front tyre! Again right in the middle of nowhere...

Now I really started to get desperate and a bit angry: I had warned Dirk to pay attention. We had a short brake and just started to walk as a van stopped on the other side of the road. There was our next angel... He had seen my disparate and had turned his van as soon as he could.

We undid the luggage and put the bikes in the back of the van together with the luggage.

He brought us first to the foot passenger terminal and after I had asked the things I needed to know he delivered us at the gate to the terminal. There we unloaded the bikes, thanked him and stood in line for the check in.

We could take the fast ferry to Hook of Holland. It should leave at 21.15, but due to a broken motor it was a bit overdue.

In the end we boarded together with some other (moter)bikers.

The passing wasn't eventful: we went to the movies (DaVinci Code) During the crossing we SMSed to Liesbeth so she knew we were on the move to Holland.

Around 2 o'clock we got on land in Hook of Holland.

With more then the usual luck we found a hotel for the night and turned right in...

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