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Today we left round 10 o'clock. We managed to get the 10.20  ferry from Vlissingen to Breskens. It was grey weather,  like last year. \In Breskens there started even a light drizzle.

Luckily it wasn't raining very hard and it stopped al together. The sun didn't show and it was sticky warm.

I was surprised to see storks. Four years back on our route to Zee Brugge Dirk and I saw them to. Was this coincidence?

It was around one o'clock that we arrived at Zee Brugge. We left the lunch we had with us for tomorrow and indulged on Belgium French-fries.

After lunch we went looking for the P&O terminal. When found I got our tickets and boarding cards. Then the big wait started. Luckily the sun was shining and with a good book the wait is shortened.

First we had to wait for the check-in, than for the customs and after that a longer wait for the boarding. As always we were placed among the motorcycles. Esther on her bike draw a lot of attention. Curious looks al around.

During the waiting we met a couple from Glasgow. Afterwards we dinned with them and afterwards Esther turned in early. I started typing this story on my small palmtop computer