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This morning we woke up on time. We slept very good. Esther had no trouble of motion sickness

When I came on deck I noticed that we were already in the Humber estuary. Due to al the shipping movements there was more moving of the ship.

We first had breakfast. During the breakfast the ship had to go through a ship lock. There wasn't much room on the sides of the ship spared

we moored around 8. But the debarking and the customs took a very long time. We ended up between the cars.

Once in town it was hard to find the route. As usual the signs were sometimes missing. We had to ask for directions for twice and both the times it was hard to get on. The recent flooding of Hull and the recumbent bikes were always points of conversation. One of the people told us about the flooding. The house of his daughter was flooded for 1 meter. A lot of people aren't insured.

At last we arrived at the Tourist Information Centre of the Humber bridge. There we had our first stamp. Again a story of flooded houses.

I discovered a different attitude in the people around us open and interested, always ready for a friendly chat!

At the coffee-shop we had a bite and a coffee. When we were drinking a couple of recumbents arrived. A tricycle (Ice) and a long one. A very rare view in England.

After the coffee we crossed the Humber bridge. It was a long bridge, by all standards!

Once over the bridge we gradually started climbing. We had to cross the Lincolnshire Woolds. It was hard on Esther, but this old man could still do it!

On top of the woolds we had a magnificent view over the plains to Lincoln. It was a goose pimple view, so beautiful!

Because of the late start we were running late, so a called the B&B we were supposed to stay hat night. The owner proposed that we first came to the B&B and after freshing up she would drive us to a pub to have some good food. It was an offer we couldn't turn down.

After a cup of English tea and a shower madam Klockner brought us to the White Hart Pub. We had a good dinner and afterwards she picked us up again. We turned in early...

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