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After a nice breakfast and a long chat we managed to get on our bikes around 10.

Just outside Hulton cum Beckering we came along an old RAF base once used by the 626th bomber squadron. The whole environment of Lincoln is littered with old bomber bases.

After a nice fast drive we arrived in Lincoln.

There we had to find the next stamping post. After a quick search we found it and we went looking for some lunch.

We ate the goodies on a bench near the entrance to the Lincoln cathedral.

Again the bikes made people stop and look. We had a nice talk with a American couple doing a bicycle trip in England. They came from Florida. They had made trips in Europe before, even in Holland. It's such a small world these 'bikers'.

After lunch we went on. At first it was a bit hilly, but it became flat al around.

The flat country was good for the speed. Where the country was really flat you found the traces of the flooding: sticking pools of water with drowned crops floating in the brown water.

In Woodhall Spa we saw the monument for the 617th Squadron. "The Dambuster" You have to Google a bit to find that one!

After Woodhall Spa we crossed the river Witham and entered the Fens. The landscape was so Dutch! We even said that we didn't come all the way to see a Dutch countryside! It is not that strange: the fens were made dry by a man from Tholen, a part of our Province of Holland.

After a while we could see the towers of Boston. Due to the flat country you could see theme way in advance. So we had to plod on a bit to Boston.

In Boston we had to find a place for the night. It was the only town I could not book in advance.

Finally we found a B&B in a nice folk pub: The Kings Arms. Well the King must have  a lot of arms; we have seen a lot of pubs with the same name. But what's in a name; a nice shower and a clean bed will do a world of wonders!

For dinner we went to a Indian restaurant and had nice spicy curries. With our bellies full we went to bed early and had an earned night rest!