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Again we woke up in time for the breakfast. Again we had a full English breakfast.

After breakfast we wanted to pack the bikes again. They were shut away for the night in a shad. The owner of the pub discovered that her husband had taken the keys with him to his job. She quickly rung her husband. A bit panicking we wanted to trade our shut away bikes for her Audi A4 cabrio. Luckily for her a man came to bring the keys. After a warm goodbye we parted.

In town we first had to post our last postcards (America needs a different stamp then Europe).

After the posting we had a flat ride to Kings Lynn. The day started out a bit grey. We first had to find our way out of Boston.

The landscape was again very flat and Dutch. The part was even called Dutch County. It was a good agricultural ground. Many vegetables were grown.

We arrived in Kings Lynn and found the Youth Hostel in an old building. St. Thomas College.

We had an English dinner of fish and chips and afterwards an nice refreshment in a pub.

In the Youth Hostel we later on stayed in a lounge; our sleeping room was a bit big for just two of us......