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This morning the alarm clock woke us up. Around 8 we were ready with packing and went for the breakfast.

fter breakfast we fetch the bikes from the bicycle shed and put the luggage bags on the bicycle. We did this in front of the entrance of a courthouse. The guards came looking being interested in the recumbents. We again had a nice chat.

With some trouble we got out of Kings Lynn. As usual the youth had re-done the route.

After a while we picked up the route at Castle Rissing. From Castle Rissing we went to Sandringham. It is one of the Royal estates.

We had a Royal cup of coffee and did some souvenir shopping.

From Sandrigham we went to Ringstead. The sky turned into a airy kind of dark. Not such a nice idea riding next to some power lines!

Just before Burham Market the it started raining. We found shelter in some kind of posh hippique centre.

After the rain had stopped, we went to Burham Market. On a bench in the town centre we picnicked.

After lunch we went on. The sky was quickly overcastted again and a heavy downpour started. The shower seemed to continue for ever and although we sheltered in a portico of a church we were soaked. So we went on and became wet.

The rain made big streams on the road. Sometimes it seemed wild water biking. Along the route we found the directions for Wells next the Sea. It was over the main entrance of the Holkham estate.

The road was long and straight but hilly. For the I the end was nearby but in reality it was a long way to go.

Due to the rain the road was muddy. Esther was riding just behind me and became spotted all over.

After the estate we entered Wells. With a bit of help we found the Youth Hostel.

We were given room 1; a large room for disabled and there company. Nice spacey room. The other rooms were taken by some boys and two teacher of a grammar school from Maidstone.

After shopping and showering Esther and I went to a nearby pub for some food. After dinner we wandered through Wells.

In the harbour you could see a strong tidal flow. A couple of people told us that due to the strong flow last week a boy was drowned.

Along the quay were fisher boats. On one of the ships there were a lot of fishing crates from Holland.

A bit further down the quay was an old Dutch ship from Amsterdam serving as a kind of restaurant with Dutch specialities (probably the only things the 'cook' could make).

On the way back we bought an ice-cream as dessert. In the youth hostel it was time to make ready for the day of tomorrow and type out today.

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