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Again we were up on time. This youth hostel was self catering, so I bought the breakfast the evening before. So due to the not having to wait for the breakfast we were on the road early.

Again the maps proved to be laid out the wrong way. The route was called Hull to Harwich, but the maps were made from Harwich to Hull. It was easy to wrong left and right having the maps upside down. It happened again this morning.

But luckily we picked the route up again although we had to use a muddy track.

The route brought us in Little Walsingham. In Little Walshingham we visited the shrine. We also had an nice cup of coffee and did some shopping. After that we tried to pick up the route again. We had to do another tour trough the village.

After all we finally got in Fakenham. There ended the first map. I had hoped there was a kind of sign to show this special event, but no so thing!

After some pottering around we finally came on the Marriotsway. It is a bicycle track layed out on a disused railway. There was even more mud to gather. The path was very slippery. Esther fell in the nethels. These were so mean! right big bumps on her arms.

After a while my front wheel was making funny noises. It had gathered so much mud! With a bit of work it was removed again.

In Norwich we first went looking for the Colemans Mustard shop. For me it was to be the highlight of this trip but the shop was closed already.

We just had to go looking for the hotel. After showering we went for fish and chips again. It was the worst we ever had! But, hey it is pure energy you eat!

We ate it in our room looking TV and drinking from the bear and cider in cans.