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As usual we were up and away early. Round 9 the bicycles were loaded and we were on route and as usual in a city lost again.

With a few questions we were on route again. From Norwich we followed the river Yare. Along the route was a sewage plant. Niece smell.

We followed the river till a pub. From there is was more inland. It meant a climb of 17%. This means walking.

The speed was high, although had quite a lot of pain in her knee. In Beccles we had coffee in a weird tea room. Nice and comfy.

Outside was a vending machine for bait. First time ever we saw one....

We had lunch in somebody's garden. The grass was to smooth to be true.

After lunch we saw a nice example of a railway crossing.

Via Beccles and Hailsworth, we came in Peasendale. There we found the fifth stamping post. We had tea as well. Well Esther had tea and I had ginger ale.

After Peasendale we lost the route. There were no more signs.

With a few directions we finally came in Blaxhall. In the Youth Hostel they made a 3 course dinner specially for us.

After dinner we went to a pub to have a drink and study the map for the last leg of our trip in England. There was life fockmusic. It was very gezellig!

After we returned to the hostel Esther went to bed and I typed this story.....