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The day started quit good: just a light drizzle. There was also a lot of wind, so we hoped that the rain would blow over.

Along the Suffolk Coastal Route we quickly arrived in Orford. There we did the shopping for our lunch.The plastic bag with the shopping's went on my bike and we could continue in the rain. Luckily it the rain stopped.

When we arrived in Bawdsea it started raining again.

We had to sign for the ferry to the other side of the river Deben.

It was just a small open boat. We had to get the bags of the bikes lift the luggage and the bikes in the boat. After crossing the Deben we had to do it the other way round again..Along the coast we went to Felistowe. It was dry, but the wind was stronger.We crossed Felixstowe to the ferry over Harwich Harbour. It should land near the Landguard Fort. When we got there the ferry was just gone and we had to wait for 2 hours till 14.35 till the next ferry.

We started lunching outside the Landguard Fort but it started raining again so we entered the fort. In the waiting time we visited the forts exebition. We learned something's about Michiel de Ruyter we haven't heard in Holland and even not the year before in Chatham.

In Holland we only hear about getting the 2/3 of the English in Chatham. The 1/3 in Harwich he didn't get is never spoken about. Michiel tried to get the last part of the English fleet. It was anchored in Harwich Harbour. Before the Dutch fleet could enter, Michiel had to conquer the fort. The Dutch landed 200 sailors on the beach near Felistowe. They tried to conquer the fort, but couldn't succeed. So Michiel gave up. It was the last invasion of England! It was all in 1667, two days apart

History is something you tell so it is true ;-)

At the right time we were back at the boarding place for the ferry, but it didn't come. I rung the ferry and heard that due to the strong wind it was not going at all. So there we were: a round trip of 60-70 km. to get to Harwich, Esther with a lot of pain in her knee and not enough time!

I tried to rustle up some transport to Harwich. But the taxi companies could not help. One did see it was urgent so he asked his neighbour with a minivan if he could help. It was a laundry and they had a minivan. Later on they could take us, for money, to Harwich, in time for the ferry. If we could wait. With this good news I went back to Esther and we went for some coffee and a bit of rest in the sun. The wind and the waves were still going strong.

Just after five we were at the back side of the laundry. The father of the owner would bring us to the ferry in Parkstone. We had a fast trip to Parkstone and a nice chat with the driver. I had quite a deja-vue feeling getting the bikes out of the van at the check-in in Parkstone.

After looking around we still had to get our last stamp. But lamely enough the pub where we had to be was gone. So we returned to the check-in. A man of the Stena-line advised to do some food shopping in a nearby supermarket. Good idea!

With the good food we picnicked at the check-in again.

In the meantime a family from Middelburg had arrived they had done the same trip and were befriended with a college of mine. Later on a guy with a  GPS on his bike arrived. He had very good experiences with his Garmin.

Around eight the checking in stated. I asked the lady at the check-in boot of she could make a stamp on our stamping card. After another long wait we could board and we had to put our bikes in some kind of shed. After getting the key of the cabin it was showering and lights out: it was late already!

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