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The alarm clock woke us 5.30. We had to get up early the be early enough for breakfast on 6.30. We ate our last full English. After the breakfast we did the last packing in the cabin. Then we had to get the bags down from deck 7 to deck 3.

There we went to the bicycle shed and had to wait till we could go on land.

This time we were very fast through customs and after pointing out a Englishman to the North leg of the LF1 I pointed out the Middelburg family the LF 1 home.

There was a strong Southern wind blowing. Esther had a lot of pain in her knee

In Brielle we had a coffee break an I phoned home

After the break it was hard work against the wind. It got progressively painful for Esther so we decided to phone home again. We decided that she would be picked up in Port Zelande.

Our wish was to finish the trip together. Liesbeth had to work a late shift that day. It was not convenient.

After the bike was placed in the car, we said goodbye and we parted. I did the last 60 km in high tempo.

I first dropped in at the work of Liesbeth to show I was home safe. After that I went home and unpacked the bags, loading the wash basket.........