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2008-07-30 wensday

The night was very noisy due to the bicycle races in Stiphout. While the races were going the comment competed with sound of life music in volume. When these were finished a group of youngsters thought it was much too early for the village to go to sleep.

Around a quarter past seven we were up again. My father and I had a nice breakfast. After the washing-up my father brought me to the train-station. I wanted to go to the Disignhuis in Eindhoven. There was a exhibition of bicycles designs I wanted to see. My father went for some shopping and after that he would visit a friend.

Being early, I went for some leisurely shopping in the town. The Designhuis only opened around eleven.

There were a lot of bicycles of all kind. Pictures tell more then words. Four of the bicycles came from Middelburg! How small is the design-world.












When I had seen all the bikes I returned to the station of Eindhoven and I used the train to return to Helmond. My father picked me up at the station.

In the afternoon we worked on a few of my father's computer problems. For dinner he made pancakes (Dutch pancakes!) That was nice!