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2008-07-31 Thursday

The idea was to use a different route back home. Via Den Bosch I wanted to ride along the rivers to the west. With the bridge near Moerdijk I wanted to cross back to the south and pick up the LF13 again somewhere. But something must have gone terribly wrong with the LF07 in the GPS; it was not shown on the screen although it was loaded in the GPS. Thinking it all through, I do understand what went wrong. It’s lesson for next time. This was the first time ever I really used the GPS on a long trip.

At last I decided the use the LF13 al the way back home. The idea was to skip the part in the woods near Chaam and the part of the route to the Youth hostel near Bergen op Zoom.

On my first stop in Oirschot I chanced the maps I should use on the trip. Being on a recumbent, a conversation was quickly started.

In Hilvarenbeek the summer market had started. There was a fish seller so I bought some kibbeling, small pieces of fried fish. Niece!

Next came Alphen and another stop for coffee and a slice of apple-pie. You may notice that I took my time to go home.

Before the afternoon started the temperature was already rising high. Still I could make some speed. Like I said, I skipped the woods near Chaam so I missed the bumps and a few kilometers!

Near Horendonk in Belgium I lunched in a pick-nick house along the route. We had used ii in 1999, so….

Near Bergen op Zoom I skipped the detour along the Youth hostel.

It was so nice to enter Zeeland again and cross the Schelde-Rijn canal. When I entered Rilland I first went for some food shopping

Then I went to the camping Hof Maire. It was so nice: the aldy of the camping recognized me from earlier stays. I could use a spot in the shades behind a hedge. It could even be a good spot if the thunderstorm broke loose.

Building the tent was recorded in a photo series.

After making camp I brewed dinner on my MSR stove. Even that was photographed. This trip is a first for a lot of things, like the tent, the stove and the GPS.

After ‘dinner’ and the washing-up I typed this piece of text. Next slide please……

When the temp started dropping I showered. Sorry no picture…

Around half past ten Liesbeth called. The thunderstorm was breaking loose. Oly one hour later the feast started on my side of Zeeland. The annoying thing was not the thunder and lightning but the hail cannons they used to protect some greenhouses. If you want to how annoying, Google ‘hagelkanon’. After they stopped I could sleep. Next morning I was told the thunderstorm stopped around half past two. They could tell me anything…….