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2008-08-01 Friday

Next morning I woke half past seven. The part from Rilland to home was a short stretch so I had plenty of time to pack. So I started out washing and breakfasting at a leisure tempo. After making the lunch, the serious packing started.

Around ten I was ready to roll, so what the hack, here we go.

The thunderstorm of last night cleared the sky and the temps were down, but there was a down side: I had a strong headwind to battle. So the speed was a bit slower.

Well there was a plus: the beautiful skies above!

I had lunch just after I passed the village Nisse.

Just after crossing the Sloe railtrack again I followed the ‘boomdijk’ near Niew en St. Joosland.

y last stop was at the building site: the reason why the trip wasn’t longer or going to England.

Coming home from Rilland was a short stretch (relatively) so I was home around half past two.

The tent is dried and re-packed, the rest of the stuff is almost cleared. What last now is this report………..