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This morning Esther and I left around 6 o'clock. It's the first time from the new house. It felt a bit different then other years; in the old house we started right on a bicycle route, here we first have to cycle 1,5 km to get started. Liesbeth and Dirk waved us goodbye. With the maps and GPS we followed the LF1 along the North sea. There was low traffic on the roads and few cyclist or pedestrians.

The weather was lovely.

Our speed was quit good and around 10 o'clock we arrived at Goederede (good anchorage). We had our coffee outside with a nice view on the old market.  It was the first cafe that was open.

The plan was to score the next cup in Brielle in the cafe we used 2 years back. On the route back from Hook of Holland to Middelburg we had coffee with apple-pie there and now we were looking forward to it.

The disappointment was big when the cafe would not be open till 2 am. That was a to long wait, so we settled for a ice-cream.

Just outside Brielle we had our lunch: water and bread.

We had just finished our bread when an elderly couple came in with a tandem. They were from Aberdeen and they had taken the ferry from Newcastle to IJmuiden. They had made a tour in Holland and were on the way back to IJmuiden to go back to Newcastle on Thursday.

The sky was getting dark and we continued in a less interesting part of the trip: a lot of heavy industry. The only highlight was the ferry from Roozenburg to Maassluis. The leg along the Hollands diep wasn't very inspiring

Just passed Hook of Holland we tried to find the campsite. We went about 2 km to far and had to go back.

Our camp was made and we went to the restaurant to get something else to drink in stead of plain water. I typed this text while having a nice draught...

When we were enjoying our drinks it started to rain.

Well we had our meal in the restaurant: English sized plates. Esther could not finish hers.

After dinner we went to our tents and rested a while till the sky broke and it was dry. About half past seven Liesbeth called to ask for the day.

Liesbeth would call us after the eight o'clock news with the weather forecast.

We went for the beach. It's quit an other type of beach compared with the beaches in Zeeland. (at least the view)

Liesbeth rung when we were on the beach. Tomorrow will be a good day, at least for biking   

We closed the day early with beer and a book.