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This morning the alarm clock of my phone rung at a quarter to seven. After washing and a bit of packing we had breakfast.

With a solid bottom in our belly and lunch pre packed we cleared the tents and loaded the bikes.

Around none we left the campsite.

Today we mainly rode in the dunes (around 80 km.) Esther didn't like it at all. There were a lot of steep climbs. Nine years before Dirk didn't like it either.

he route was variable in the surface. Sometimes tarmac, sometimes shell grit, sometimes loose sand. In one part the shell grit was so loose that I keeled over and fell on my knee.  

Although the stretch was hard an I fell we were on time for checking in. It meant waiting and a bit more waiting...... A small piece forward and then waiting again. At last we were a laughed to enter the belly of the ship.

There we had to tie down the bicycles and take with us the luggage for on the boat.

First you have to climb a lot of chairs and then you have to find you're cabin.

The cabin was small, but everything was in it. First we showered and I washed some clothes

After the chores we went top site to watch the leaving of the harbour.

Around halve past six we went to the ship-shop and around seven we had dinner.

After dinner we had some coffee and we turned in early; we were dog-tired.