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This morning the alarm rung early to get breakfast. After washing and getting in our gear, we went to the breakfast buffet. We had an extended breakfast. The boat should arrive in Newcastle around ten o'clock continental time. I was thinking it should arrive nine o'clock, but that was local time.

In fact the boat moored at ten ship time/ nine shore time. Again we had to wait till we were allowed to go to the bicycles. First the lower decks had to be cleared of cars. Firts we had to replaces the sacks on the bikes. At last we were allowed to leave the ship. And again we had to wait for the customs.

Near customs the first sign of the NCN was hanging on the wall. With the GPS, maps and signs we could find the route to the Tyne foot an bicycle tunnel

On the north side of the tunnel the lift was functioning and we could easily one by one get down into the tunnel. On the other side there were maintenance works on the lift so we had to struggle up the steep escalator. One by one we had the haul the bicycles up the steep slope.

The route went through South Shields. There we used the money machine and Esther went shopping for food in the ASDA. From the ASDA we followed the route and went past an old mine shaft; this was formerly mining land.

By an old disused railway track we went for the coast. Nice track but the traffic control gates were an pain in the...... We would meet more of them.

Near the coast followed the coast line more or less. We came through places like Marsden, Whitburn Colliery, Whitburn.

We entered Sunderland and choose the NCR7; thé Coast to Coast, or C2C. The first part of the route was littered with art works.

Then the climbing started: on the stretch from Sunderland to Consett we had the climb about 250 meters. But you want do it in one climb but gradually with a lot ups and downs. On the way we were greeted by two rain showers. In the end it wasn't made easy, especially for Esther.

We choose this route because we should come along Washington; last time in England we stayed in Boston for one night.

Along the route we came along a side track to the Victorian museum village Beamish. We we greeted by rural art.

In Anfield Plain we bought some food. The present youth made me feel a bit unsafe when they saw our nice electronics.

Just outside we met we a camp of people of the road.

After a lot of hard work we entered Consett around seven o'clock and went asking for a place to sleep. But there were no more B&B's or hotels in Consett. At last we went for a campsite in Allensford. It meant a steep decent of 120 meters. Tomorrow the way up again!

It was eightish that we put up our tents and I started cooking our meal. Esther wet for a shower. After dinner it was my turn, while Ester did the washing-up. Around that time it was dark.

II hitted the sack; while Esther went to ask for the weather forecast.

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