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This morning we were supposed to start a bit later. So I left Ester in here bed a bit longer. In the mean time I typed the report of yesterday and arranged the photo's. After that I re-did the rear mudguard of Esther's bicycle.

When Esther was up we breakfasted in leisure time. After the washing up we started packing again and around ten we had everything loaded on the bicycles again. Then we had to climb from Allensford back to Consett again. On a bit of decent I suggested that we should try to get beck up the other side as far as we could. On the climbing part Esther keeled over and fell on her knee. The traffic was halted in a split second. Even before I could place my bicycle somewhere there were nice men helping her to get up again. The bicycle was intact, but Esther's knee was severely scratched.

We were on a fairly flat stretch and we went along a Catholic Youth centre. There we knocked the door.

The boss-lady was in and she went for the first-aid kits to patch Esther's knee. After that it was coffee for the fright.

The last part to the route we walked.

On the crossroad we choose the route to Durham. The surface of the path consisted of pebbles, but the traffic control barriers were less hard to take.

Somewhere along the route I must have picked up a piece of safety glass. The un-flatable-tyre went flat. The outer tyre was checked for sharp objects, but nothing was found. In the mean time I found out why my ingenious battery loading system wasn't working. the cord from the nave dynamo to the rest of the works was broken. So no reloaded phone or battery's.

Just entering Durham my tyre went flat again. We walked to a set of benches and we tried to mend the tyre again. Now I went looking for the sharp object meticulously.

After this event we went looking for a place to sleep. In the tourist information centre we learned the address of the youth hostel and we bought some post cards.

We got a nice quite room on the second floor with a niece view to the cathedral.

After freshen-up and some chores we went in the city. After a nice stroll we went for an Indian restaurant and had a very good dinner. Then again a nice stroll and a nice pint of local ale.

In the end we returned to our room we turned in early