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Today we woke by the sound of the bells of the cathedral. Around eight we were ready for breakfast. We asked if it was possible to obtain a pre-packed lunch. Without any trouble we got one for Esther (veggie) and one for me. About payment: none what so ever, even when I asked it for a second time.

We started to get our bicycles out of the shed and loading the stuff back upon the bicycles. Then we rolled down hill to the marked. Esther went for a bookshop. After she got back I bought some stamps and posted the postcards.

After that the real work started: we had to get out of Durham. We had to climb out of the valley to get back on our route. Sometimes the road was so steep it was almost impossible to get the loaded bikes moving.

Just outside Durham it didn't get any better The route was taking us along steep hill sides and deep valleys.

Esther endured more an more trouble of her knee. The struggling was hard to look at. Almost on the half of the day trip, not so quite the half of the day, we landed at a pub in Bishop Auckland. Esther had to use the loo and we wanted to drink something else than plain water.

After a bit of talking I decided for getting a mini van to move us to York. When Esther ordered the cups of coffee, she asked if the barmaid had any idea's how we could get the desired transport. Soon she was out of idea's and said we best had to try the hospital. There was a list with phone numbers of taxi's. A delivery man was hearing everything was already phoning a friend with a mini van. The friend could come in half an hour.

Around half past two Johnny arrived. Together we loaded the van. It was a bit of a puzzle to get the bicycles into the van. Then he brought us to York.

The camp-site had only places for small tents left. Everything else was full! lucky us.

We'll stay two days in York and after these days we will go on.