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Today it was real English weather: it rained almost all day. Due to the weather we started slow.

We went for the BH's to get a breakfast. The full monty.

After the breakfast we went for York Minster; the cathedral of York. We gave it a good looking over.

After the Mister we went to the York museum. On the route we came along the market. Very colourful!

York castle was a county prison till 1930. Executions were also done there. The first castle in York was build in 1068 by William the Conqueror. It was an all wooden structure Later on it was rebuild in stone During the war between the Royalist and republicans the castle was heavily damaged. After the war the castle was rebuild as prison.

After the museum visit we went shopping for food and to a bicycle shop to get some parts to mend Esther's bicycle again. Then we only had to buy some insulation tape. It was still raining so maybe fish an chips.....

And the it really went dry and we ate 'home cooked' pasta pesto and a dessert.