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Today we got up on time and the packing went smoothly. Around half past nine we said goodbye to the camp-site and the Dutch people near our pitch. Right out of the gate we picked up the right route. The land around York is fairly flat so we made good speed. The bicycle track was almost always in nice flat tarmac.

In Ricall we bought two Cornish pasties and for each a bottle to drink. Somewhere along the road we ate and had a drink.

Near Selby the track got very narrow and overgrown by bramble. One scratched my hand and a thorn sticked right in the top of a finger. The remains festered out in the weeks after.

We went on along the river Ouse. We been spotting swallows at the Barmby Barrage were the river Derwent meets the river Ouse.

In Howden we bought food for tonight and bread for tomorrow. And we had a nice cup of coffee, of course.

Esther flatted her front tyre on a stone. While changing the inner tyre I noticed that the outer tyre was gone; good we have a reserve tyre each with us.

After a bit of informing we found the campsite. The mane highlight of this site is that there is grass on the pitches. Al else was very crappie.

Before cooking we went walking for a nearby petrol station to buy a drink and a bite for tonight.

After the provision exploration we made another 'hoe cooked' meal ( heat a half a litre of water an, when boiling, add the contents of this sack....) We did the washing-up in the shower; the only place with warm water. We didn't use it our selves, that will be on the boat tomorrow.........