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Today we were up around seven. Washing (shaving not possible), breakfast and packing went smoothly. Around nine we were on the bikes. The route to the docks went pretty fast due to the mainly flat country. In Kingston we had a breakfast extension: a big cup of coffee with a big bun with bacon and eggs (or only eggs if you are a veggie) Around one we were at the terminal.

We had to wait for half past two for the in-check. We were allowed to place the bicycles in the hall, as long as we stayed with them. We had nice conversations with some people due to our bicycles.

After in-checking we had to wait for the boarding around five..

After the long wait were allowed to boars together with the motor cycles. Strange that push bikes and motor bikes are the same......

We lashed our bikes and took the on the road sacks. Then we had to climb a lot of stairs to get to the cabins. First we had to get our key. Inside the cabin we showered an I also shaved.

When we were human again we went exploring the ship. To be honest every ferry is the same. We had a nice dinner. After dinner we went to the movies: 'Night at the museum 2'. We had a night cap and turned in on time; tomorrow is early rising......