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This morning the alarm clock rung at half past six. A bit early for our heads.

We had breakfast around seven, English breakfast of course. After breakfast we tinkered around in the cabin and packed the few belongings in our sacks.

Then we had to wait for the mooring in Zeebrugge. It was a quarter to nine when the boat was moored and we were allowed to go to the bicycles. Quickly we packed the bicycles again and we were allowed to leave the ship quite fast.

After customs we left the harbour and phoned home.

In Belgium and Holland we would have liked to use the knotting point routes

Although this network was invented in Belgium we were lost twice and we cycled 5 km. more then intended. We were lucky that I have been there before. In the end we left Belgium for the Belgians.

At last we came at Retranchement. There we had a nice cup of coffee and an slice of warm apple-pie

We went on for Breskens to get the ferry to Vlissingen.

It was so busy we had to wait in a long row. In the and we made the crossing in two hours, including the waiting.

In Vlissingen we first ate French fries; we were hungry again. After that we made our last kilometres home.