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Wensday 08-18-2010

The departure should be eight o'clock, but it became a quarter past

 On route to Flushing I passed by my fitness center. By coincidence Cees Nooyens, another holyday biker was busy right in front of the windows. I stopped and waved and went on again.

I made the ferry Flushing Breskens in good time. The ferry left when I was just onboard.

On the other side of the Schelde I used my GPS. I had made a route directly to Gant, skipping Brugge. Apart from the route I had tracks for the hole ride. It was a good thing because I didn't had to use the map all the time.

Passing the border the road just chanced in cobblestones. Just in the end of the road the name of the road indicated it.

 Skipping Brugge made this daytrip about 35km. shorter. I've done the route Middelburg-Brugge-Gand twice. I didn't want to see it another time.

After a while I joined the route to Gand on the VF5 or LF5. So for one more time I could picture the windmill I pictured with Dirk so many years before.

In Gand I met with the the courtesly driving of the Belgiums for the first time. I had to change my view on the behaviour of the drivers completely. They stopped and let me cross, although I had had no right of traffic

Due to the shorted route I arrived at the campsite around two o'clock. I almost got the same space as before with Dirk.

Putting up the tent was a small work, so after making camp I was tipping this report around for o'clock.

Later on a family from Weert arrived on the place next to me. Around six o'clock an elder couple arrived on route for England. Because the bicycle is the transport medium you always have something to talk about.

 It was fair weather today and must of the time the wind pushed me in the right direction