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Thursday 08-19-2010

It was hard to sleep with the noise of the R4 next to your head

Around seven the alarm clock of my phone rung.

Lazily I started the with breakfast and packing. At a quarter past nine I couldn't avoid the leaving anymore so I said goodbye to the other bikers on the camping field and went for the VF5 again.

Just like the last time when Dirk and I saw the Schelde it was eb, so there wasn't any water in the river left. It still seems to be a very strange phenomena. Again when I went down river the water came back due to becoming flood. Leaving Gand there was a couple riding. During the day we met on several occasions we saw each other. Somewhere in Lier I lost them.

At home I pre-cooked some routes around the Bicycle-foot-ferry's It is quite impossible to get in a ferry with totally loaded recumbent bike. The route I had made pointed me over a bridge. On the other side the route leaded me along an emplacement of a steam train group  That's another kind of fun! It reminded me of the SGB in Goes. (just Google).

I cycled along the Scheld, the Rumpel and the Nete. I saw a lot of beautiful things.

 Along the Rumpel I saw a field with very big fungus. As big as this I haven't seen before.........

Somewhere along I made a miscalculation and I cycled 20 k more then I thought I would. Around 18.00 hour I finally arrived at the campsite in Viersel. I'm alone on a big field; the only tent. Just after checking in I scored to cold cans of beer. Lovely after 2 litres of water during the day. The campsite is on the Santiago de Compostela route for pilgrims. I didn't belong to that group for it was to late in the season.

After making camp, I typed this day report while cooking dinner. After doing the washing-up I showered the sweat of my body. It makes you feel better again.

Being clean again I went for a walk into the village to buy some brad and beer..