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Saterday 21-08-2010

George Made a nice breakfast for me and I could make a extensive lunch for on the road. George even had to bottles of energy drink. Around nine I left and I first posted the cards I wrote last night. After that I had to pick the right route to the VF5.

In Hamont I returned to the VF5 in a jiffy. ('I love it when a plan comes together' E-team)

The landscape in this part of Belgium looked very Brabant's. The VF5 ended in Thorn, the white village. There I had to take the VF7 to Sluizen near Tongeren

Along the cycle paths on the dikes of the river Maas I came near Rekem. I was my target for this day. I thought it was much to early to stop for the night so I studied the map a bit more during luch time.

Calculating the route I decided it was better to continue to Tongeren so the day rides were nore evenly spread out.

After I decided to go on I phoned the youth hostel in Tongeren for a bed for one night. Luckely there was one!

I had to cycle another 50k´s that day, but hey, what the hack, I was trained already, wasn't I?

Well I soon found out Just after leaving Maastricht behind me the countryside started to get really hilly.......

The route went along the Albert canal. The path was level; the country rose around the canal. The route stopped death at a work on a new bridge. So I had to climb to the top panting and huffing.

On the top I went to the small picturesque village Kanne.

I crossed the Maas on another new bridge.

From the bridge I could see where the route was leading. It looked like to much of climbing so: no way José.

II took another route through the French part of Belgium. Using the knooppunten route I made it to Sluizen.

In Sluizen I used the VF6 to get to Tongeren. After 115k's I finally made it to the youth hostel.

I made my bed and showered> Then I went for the restaurant with my netbook and camera to get some food and a nice Belgium beer.

After ordering food and a drink I headed for a table outside. After I installed myself I was joined by a Belgium guy who arrived just after me. We had a nice talk about cycling and that kind of stuff.

My dinner didn't arrive so I checked when it would come. Well they quite forgot to order the kitchen. The kitchen was just closed so.... I could get a big bowl of spaghetti. Pasta again..... Well if you are hungry and tired, what else.......