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Sunday 22-08-2010

This morning I woke up early and had an early breakfast with the Belgium guy. After breakfast and packing I paid the bill and loaded the bicycle.

We left together and, although it was Sunday, the city was busy as on a week day. Everywhere was a flee market going on. So a lot of street were blocked for traffic

I couldn't get out of town even with maps and GPS. Some streets I cycled several times.

At last I found the exit and was back on the VF6 in the right direction.

This day was full of beautiful landscapes and garden full of fruit.

I meet all kind of people like this man. He was surging with his detector. He had found al lot of things like old coins, musket balls and even a bottle opener.

In a small local pub I drank two glasses of cold ice tea. It tastes better then water. You must realize that on an warm day I drink two or three litre plain water........

It was a warm day today, abot 27 degrees Celcius or more. With one thunderstorm. The rest of the day it loomed over me.

This day had more steep hills than before. The road was sometimes paved with cobblestones. This combination made me walk. So the average speed dropt to 15k/h but my top speed went up to 46k/h

To be short: a beautiful but hard to ride landscape with a recumbent bicycle.

As a main goal I choose for a hotel in Overijsse

The weather forecast was a lot of rain in the night and the next day. I didn't want to camp and pack the next day in the rain. And just after that to cycle another day in the rain. In Overijsse I asked a police woman for a hotel in Overijsse and she pointed me the route to “Hotel Panorama". I could have known that the last part would be steep and high. I had to climb a 13% road for about 110 meters.

After a refreshing shower, I went for the restaurant. The kitchen was clossed so they couldn't offer me much. I could choose between crock messieurs or  a simple dish. So again it was spaghetti Bolognese.

After dinner I worked on my daily report