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Monday 23-08-2010

Today was a  off-day.

A lot of steep hill sides,

It rained and there blew a hard wind.

It was possible to get all three in one spot. You can understand I had pity with myself.

Tacking a sharp bent near Hall I keeled over in ditch with water and mud. I didn't hurt myself but there was sand all over me and the bike. Nothing some rain would make disappear.

Later that day I found out my plate was broken.

I shortened the route with 15k's by taking N-roads. later I picked up the route again at Galmaarden.

So I arrived early at my night address. I hoped to sleep in the youth hostel in Geraardsbergen, but the were full. I settled for a cabin on the camp side.

It was very nice to have your own space, and so much of it......ort.

After unpacking I showered. When I started cooking I found my broken plate.

After washing up I had time to plan the trip for next day. I had two choices: stopping in Kluisbergen on camp side "Panoranma" or pushing on to Kemmel. For me the choice depended on how easy the two last hill right for Kluisbergen were taken. They would be the last but the highest of the whole trip.

It was a pity the weather would stay the same.