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Tuesday  24-08-2010

This morning my phone woke me up at seven. I tinkered around with the luggage and breakfast. Around nine I was ready to leave.

I had to turn my key in at the reception office to get the cabin checked. They had no one available so I could leave right away.

I cycled a bit along the river the Dender to get to the route and starting climbing again.

There was an nice thought this day: after Kluisbergen the hills would be gone. Climbing from the valley I made it to near Kluisbergen and could start the two highest of this whole trip.

Going down the fore last hill I saw a man on a bicycle coming uphill In a flash I recognised him from Middelburg. I knew him from the time I build model trains. So on the roadside we had a little conversation. When we parted the rain started to poor down.

In the rain I climbed the last hill. It was a hard road to go: mud and lose stones. (well you are in Belgium......)

Around one o'clock I passed the sign to camping Panorama. I went on along the tow-paths of the Schelde, the canal from Boschuit to Kortrijk and the Leie. It was mainly plain so easy going. The only hard part was the strong head wind.

Near Wervik the route went again into the hilly country of the Ieper battlefield. I have seen it before, so I cut some corners

In Ieper The route was easy to follow due to the signs and the GPS so a could start the last 9k's.

Around six I arrived at Kemmel. I was getting very hungry, so I decided to get some food in the village

After dinner I wanted to get on to the camping, but I had a flat tire.

I put some air in the tube and walked uphill to the camp side.

Around eight I arrived at the camp side and around nine I made camp.

Tomorrow I will fix the bicycle. Now a shower and to bed.......