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Wednesday 25-08-2010

I still will not become happy of Nieuwpoort, but telling you this is way before this day was done so.........

This morning my phone woke me again at seven. The sun was trying to pierce the clouds. That was nice cause my tent was quite wet.

I leisurely packed and had breakfast. I arranged the packs to be loaded. Then I started to fix my rear tyre and, indeed there was a hole in the inner tyre and a thorn piercing the outer one. Theoretical impossible (said by the manufactory Schwalbe)

I used my pocket knife to extract the thorn.

When the tyre was fixed, I replaced the brake pads of my front brake. They where heavily burned. Braking downhill made the brakes even so hot that I had burn marks on my had checking the disk.

When the cycle was back on its wheels again, I started to pack the tent and loading the cycle.

Just at eleven I left the camping. I used the same route as a few years back with Dirk. On route I bought some bread and milk for the lunch. My muscles were still a bit stiff due to cycling yesterday.

Gradually I left the hilly country behind and the landscape became more and more flat. I was looking for a place to have a break, when I passed a farm where they sold home made Ice cream. I bought the first ice cream of this trip. NICE!

It was bad luck, the sky became more and more clouden and around two it started raining. I skipped a de-tour of 25k's to Veurne and went straight for Nieuwpoort.

About four o'clock I arrived at the camp site. I want to stay on a big camping in stead of the small one last time. I didn't have fond memories of our last stay in Nieuwpoort and I thought to better of on a big campsite.

There was space for me and on the map of the campsite it all looked lovely. Till I arrived at the field......... It looked like the battlefield of WW1 and there was litter everywhere. I put up the tent in the rain and went for a shower. Another deception. The lavatories were so smelly, you could lean against the air without falling; the douches had more cracks in the wall, than drainage holes in the floor. Being on a luxury campsite it was a shame!

While it is raining outside I am typing this report in a acoustically terrible restaurant.

Maybe you now understand my starting sentence. I dinned in the restaurant. No pasta or rice for once.

After the dinner I went for my tent read a bit and turned in early.

I visited another sanitary block. It was brand new and quite a difference!

When I closed my eyes, it started to rain harder. I didn't have any trouble with the neighbours. Only one less point: the tent was leaking a bit...