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Thursday 26-08-2010

After a rainy night I woke-up around half past six (call of nature) so I went for the new sanitary building.

After that the normal ritual of packing and brakfast. I left the tent as long as possible to leave it drying.

Around half past nine everything was packed and my drinking bottles filled. I left the site while it was still dry. I tried to stay with the clearing in the clouds, but the wind was faster then I could cycle. Around ten the rain overtook me. From then on I had to cycle in my raingear.

You want be happy with it while inside the rain you get wet from the sweat; even more then outside from rain.

After a long ride along canals I came to Brugge. Belgium has far more canals then Holland.

I followed a old GPS track. It wanted to cross the canal where there was a new bridge being build There was a bridge for pedestrian with a gutter for the cycles. The stairs were very steep. When I tried to push the cycle up the stairs it became apparently it was a no-no. Just as I wanted to quit an man on a randonneur cycle arrived at the bridge. He helped me push the cycle up the bridge and brake the cycle down again. There are a lot of nice people in Belgium!

After Brugge I used the towing path along the Damstervaart to get to Sluijs.

After Damme the path leaded in the polder on a 11the century dike. It still was raining. I had lunch in the rain

After lunch I arrived quick in Sluijs. There the route was called LF1b and not VF1. Now I was sure I was in Holland again.

The route went along the coast near Cadzand and Nieuwesluis to Breskens.

I had the ferry of half past two to Flushing. I phoned home to inform of my ATA.

Dirk welcomed me home.

Then the cleaning started.

I can think back of a nice trip.

I can look forward to next year.