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Thursday 2011-08-11

Ofcourse I was up early on the day of departure.

Around eight I was ready to leave.

There was a hard wind blowing, partlyin my back. It was a bit anoying, because the dry sand was blown right every where you don'r want to have sand. On the recumbent

Near Roozenburg I had the ferry to Maasluis. The crossing was a bit rough.

The route to Hook of Holland was with a powerful headwind. Due to the wind I didn't go as fast as earlier: just a mere 15 km/hr.

Near Hook of Holland it started to rain.

In the rain I put up my yent

I typed this story in Dutch while waiting for my Schnitzel and French fries.

 Ah well, live isn't that bad

After dinner I spended the evening after clossing time with a German couple. They cycled along the Rhine to Hook of Holland

 We talked about a lot of things andhad a bit of beer.So it was late.

When I tried to sleep the wind was trying to flatten my tent and once in a whle a group youngster came by with a lot of hard talking. Not much sleep.