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Friday 2011-98-12

After the bad night sleeping I was up around six o'clock . That's why I was cycling early this day. When I got up it was drizzeling light, but once the packing started it was dry

Around nine I left the campsite. The wind was turned and not blowing as hard as yesterday.

Near Monster Ivisseted the pet project of Waterstaat: the sand motor. They build a new sand bar from the beach in to the sea. The idea is that the sand bar will be growing and new dunes will be formed, in what now is, the sea. In that way the coast will be better protected against storms.

Near Scheveningen they just finneshed  the bicycle path with a smooth surveice of tarmac. On a few spots they placed obstacles in the tarmac to slow the cyclist. Shame! I took one a bit to fast (12 km./hr) and the bump was the end of all preassure in my shock absorber. I just left the special pump at home. With my tire pump I could get to 12 psi. max while I needed 19 psi. I'll have to check the presure once and a while.

From Hook of Holland till Velzen the route was through the dunes. There I was fed up with these nasty short, steep climbes.

In Velzen I had the ferry across the Northsea canal.

From Velzen I skiped the dunes and had a alternative route: via Beverwijk, Castricum, Egmond to Bergen and Schoorl. From Schoorl it was a short hop to Groet, the days targed

In Bverwijk I bought the next days bread. The tempo was low. I was thinking because I was tirred

Near Schoorl I saw a black stork. A rare bird for Holland. The week before it was news that a couple of birds where spotted in the Netherlands

At last I arrived at the campsite in Groet

I ate chinese noodles and had a cup of instant coffee.

Now the writting has to be done.

After that it's relaxing.............