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Saterday 2011-08-13

I had a good nights rest this night. I was up at seven. Slowly I had breakfast and packed the stuff. It was a pity: when packing the tent a light drizzle stated.

Around ten I was cycling through a old North Holland polder landscape, with wind mills and all.

Later on I came in the polder Wieringermeer. Its newer, so the roads are straight

After that came the fomaly island Wieringen: a complete diffrent landscape and farms

After Wieringen the Afsluitdijk started: 30 km. of straight dike. On the left the green dike; on the right a 130 km/hr motorway. But to all good things comes to an end.

After the small village Zurich I came in Harlingen. From there I had to follow the Wadden sea dike to take a picture of a monument for the dike building

On the route a saw a lot of building material and I didn't realize it was the monument

After that it was 30 km. to my sister Heleen. The wind was a head wind and I had trouble getting there. I thought it was the third-day-dip. Around half past seven I arrived. First we had a cup of coffee. After that Heleen went cooking and had a shower. The food was good! With food, coffe and being clean I almost felt new.

Now a good nights rest!