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Sunday 2011-08-14

I had a good nights rest and a sunday morning breakfast.

After that the cycle was loaded again.

Using the linksystem I went for the LF10 again.

All went well: no pain in the knees and wind in the back. Though it felt like hard working the speed was good.

In Holwerd I picked the LF10 again. There started a stretch allong the dike wth sheeps and fences

fter a while I had enough of the fences; it was hard to pass them with one hand opening the fence and the other hand handeling the cycle. So I used a alternitive route

After Moddergat (mud hole) was the Lauwersmeer. Just before the clossing dike I found a digital camera. I hung the pack on my bike so people could see it.

Half way along the lake I had luch. Just then a French man on a bicycle stoped. We talked a bit. He was doing the Northsea cycle route from Hook of Holland to Germany. We joined the route for I while till I had to have the LF14 and he had to take the LF10.

After that the Gronings landscape was nice. In front of me a dark sky; above me a blue sky with a strong sun.

The GPS helped me perfectly to the campsite in Groningen city.

I had to build my still wet tent on a almost dry spot on the campsite. The ground was soaking wet. I phoned with my wife.

I had dinner in the campsite restaurant. After dinner I worked on the Dutch version of this story and around half past nine I turned in.