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Monday 2011-08-15

This morning I was up half past six

Everything was wet due to the mist

I packed the tent and the other stuff leisurly and loaded the bike. After that I said goodbey to the other people on the field.

The speed was low, and it was hard working. The rear wheel constantly chafed the mudgard. I only did 30 km. in more then two hours.

I made a pause and texted with Liesbeth. After that I messaged the blog. I enjoyed the pease an bird sounds.

I wanted to check why the wheel chafed, so I lifted the side sac.

The wheel chafed more or less sinds Scheveningen.

saw with horro what had happend to the back of my cycle.

t was totaly bended and it started even to tear.

I phoned  Liesbeth to teel what had happened. I told her that I would come home, by train.

Train wasn't realy a option. You cant lift the loaded cycle in the train. So cycling to Assen I thought about it and had a idea. I googled for a car rentel place and found one. With phone and GPS and asking I found the place.

When I explaned my troubles the were realy very forthcomming.

I could rent a Volkswagen Caddy and if I returned it before 13.00 next day I only had to pay for one day.

The recmbent and luggage was easely loaded in the caddy and I drove to Middelburg.

I stopted at a parking area and phoned to Liesbeth to tell her that I would arrive at home around five

Liesbeth was verry surprised that I arrived at home at vife oclock by car.

Everything was unloaded and the recumbent was taken apart.

It is good to be at home, but I had rather made the whole tour on the recumbent.......